Vision & Mission


A model Institute of innovation and distinction in Technical & Vocational Education and Training, recognized as an outstanding    gateway for skilled and productive workforce.
  • To provide quality basic skills training to meet the skills needs of public and private sectors, and of new workers for wage or profit.
  • To provide enhanced access to skills for the enhancement of community and individual standards of living.
  • To provide access to advance training and retraining for the presently employed or those seeking new or upgraded employment.
  • To provide customized training services to enterprises and government for specialist skills development.
  • To provide national quality improvement services for skills training through curriculum, programme and training materials development, testing and assessment services.
  • To instill in the young minds the 5 Zorig Commitments, social values and application of their skills to the highest degree of integrity and dedication to the service of Nation.


To provide relevant quality training program in meeting the skill needs of enterprises and government organization through diversification of courses and promote outreach program to thrive in a rapidly changing world of technology.
Our Values
Statement of our core values are over arching principle that direct our approach to the development of training and our behavior in conducting our work. We promote the values to our trainees and we expect these values to be applied by them.
C:Competent      : We care in garnering high quality training to produce competent workers.
A:Accountable     :   We care accountability through free, fair and ethical behavior in an atmosphere of honesty among Trainers and Trainees.
R:Responsible    We care responsibilities through an atmosphere in open communication with  mutual respect among Trainers and Trainees.
E:Efficient           : We care in providing prompt and speedy services to meet the community needs through team work and  collaborative decision making processes.